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What Is Body Sculpting?

Body sculpting procedures, also referred to as body contouring procedures, are treatments that use a variety of techniques to eliminate stubborn fat and sagging skin on the body. These treatments can be great for getting rid of pockets of fat that seem to remain unchanged after strict diet and exercise, and are also ideal for addressing sagging skin that results after weight loss or due to the natural aging process. The EM Sculpt body treatment use electromagnetic Energy to for muscle stimulation and fat burning.  

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Achieve your ultimate goal of a slim and toned figure

Despite efforts to achieve physical fitness and maintain a healthy diet, many individuals are unable to shed stubborn excess fat. Non-Surgical body contouring and muscle toning procedures can help remove these and fine-tune your new body shape, with minimal downtime and extraordinary results.

The science of non-surgical skin tightening and body contouring has rapidly evolved in recent years. Results that were formerly only attainable through invasive surgeries with longer recovery times can now be achieved in just a few short treatments.  At Dermapure Medical Aesthetics we have a full list of non-surgical, non-invasive body remodeling technologies for the reduction of fat, the tightening of skin and toning of muscles. In many cases, we can accomplish dramatic results with no discomfort, no swelling and no downtime.  Schedule your FREE consultation and see how you can achieve your aesthetic goals today.

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